Individual Lunch Items

4C’s Cheddar, Chipotle, Chilli Jam &Coriander(v) in a Heritage S/baked Baguette £3.50
Bacon & Brie Crusty Baguette with butter £3.75
Brie, Cranberry, Pine Nuts & Rocket multicereal granary baguette with butter (v) £3.65
Cajun Chicken, Yoghurt & Mint Dressing & Coriander £3.85
Char Grilled Chicken, Low Fat Mayo, Salad Wholemeal baguette £3.50
Chicken & Bacon Crusty Baguette £3.75
Chicken & Bacon Royale w. Cos Granary Bloomer £3.60
Chicken Escalope, Chive Aioli & B/Leaf Crusty Baguette with butter £3.85
Chicken Escalopes, Italian C/slaw, Roast Tom, Mayo bloomer £3.60
Chicken Fajita in an Original Paninette Wrap £3.75
Chicken Mayo,Toasted Almonds & Rocket S/Dried Tomato Ciabatta £3.60
Chicken Piri Piri & Coriander Italian baguette £3.75
Chicken, Spinach, Sweet Chilli & Honey Lime Mayo £3.75
Classic Chicken & Mayo Salad Crusty Baguette £3.50
Falafel, Tabbouleh, Mint Yoghurt & Spinach (v) £3.60
Ham & Cheddar Cheese Crusty Baguette with butter £3.65
Ham & Emmental Crusty Baguette with butter £3.25
Ham & Emmental in a Large French Butter Croissant with butter £3.30
Ham, Egg, Mustard & Salad White Bloomer with butter £3.60
Home Cooked Ham & Salad in a Rustic Baguette with butter £3.45
Houmous, Falafel & Grated Carrot Wrap £3.60
Houmus, Falafel, Grated Carrot & Spinach multicereal granary baguette (v) £3.45
Houmus,Aubo,Rst Tom,Cor,B/L in W/Ml Paninette (v) £3.85
Mozzarella, Pesto, Tomato & Basil multicereal granary baguette (v) £3.55
Roast Beef, Horseradish Mayo, Red Onion & Rocket multicereal granary baguette £3.55
Seasoned Feta Roasted Vegetables & Rocket (v) £3.60
Smoked Ham, Egg Mayo & Spinach - Heritage Stone-baked baguette £3.50
Tuna Mayo & Cucumber multicereal granary baguette £3.00
Tuna, Black Olives, Sliced Egg & Leaves multicereal granary baguette with butter £3.15
Tuna, Pesto, Mayo, Sun Drd Tom, Prmsn & Rckt Olive Focc £3.20